Eczema During Pregnancy

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Eczema during pregnancy can be just as unpleasant, if not worse, for sufferers and because of the many chemical and hormonal changes that occur during gestation, eczema can be a little trickier to treat. It is therefore important that the treatment of eczema during pregnancy is based primarily around self help techniques and eliminating unhealthy factors such as stress and fatigue whilst maintaining a health balanced diet.

Many women who suffer from eczema during pregnancy have no prior dealings with the condition. It is therefore thought that the chemical and hormone balance in pregnancy can trigger off a reaction that can result in the disorder. Treatment should be considered cautiously as many may have adverse effects on the unborn baby. Medications such as cortisone, antibiotics and antihistamines need to be seriously discussed before being prescribed.

Eating a healthy balanced diet is important during pregnancy and above all for anyone who suffers from eczema. Particular foods are known to trigger off allergies and heighten the discomfort of certain symptoms of eczema. Drinking plenty of water is a great way to help rid the body of toxins and impurities.

Avoiding stress and resting as much as possible are other important measures that can be taken to reduce the discomfort of eczema during pregnancy. A rested body aids the immune system to function at a maximized level.

Eliminate the use of soaps, lotions and other household products that contain any form of scent as these will only exaggerate itchy skin and cause exaggerated effects of eczema. Avoid wearing anything fabrics that are synthetic and likewise alter bed linen and other household materials that can trigger off distressing symptoms.

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