Using Oil As An Eczema Remedy

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Cortisone creams may appear to have a positive effect the first time they are applied to eczema but the odds of the condition flaring up again are pretty certain. Usually with repeated use of cortisone creams the eczema returns in full force and the cream that had once done the trick to treat it is not quite so effective.

For this reason more and more eczema sufferers now favour natural remedies to help relieve the symptoms of eczema. Listed below of some of the most popular oil used by eczema patients that are proven to have fantastic effects and obtain positive results.

One of the most popular choices in natural oils is that of peppermint which is highly effective in relieving itchiness that almost always accompanies eczema. In addition, Patchouli is another favourite as this works as a natural antiseptic. It is simply applied over the affected area and left to dry naturally.

Oatmeal is another natural remedy that is becoming more and more widely used. Although oatmeal is not oil it has tremendous results when it comes to reducing the itch and calming the skin. Tea tree oil, which is of course oil, has amazing properties which help clear red patches and rashes. When applied to the skin it has dramatic results and not only soothes the skin but clearly shows healthy results.

Therefore with continued use of natural oils eczema can be cured and more over in a faster and far more effective manner than a cortisone or steroid cream.

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